Monday, November 30, 2015

Love You More

Do you give to yourself as much as you do your family, friends, job or community? It's a balance. Too much for you and it's selfish; too much for others and you're depleted. When we don't give to ourselves the imbalance may create resentment, anger, and low self-esteem. With self care, we change from needing respect, love & acceptance from outside sources to being already filled with self-respect, self-love & self-approval. Everything we receive from others just adds to our fullness like a cherry on a sundae.

Our whole world changes. We are able to see, give and receive with peace in our hearts, mind and body. Self-care compliments our health care practices and enables us to meet the day as our best selves. An intention to support this mindset, "I give to others and myself." Another... "I am balanced in my efforts of giving."

Do you balance your efforts of giving to others and yourself? What will you do today to move towards a better balance?

A great way to give love yourself than with a lil Holistic Yoga... A balanced asana or physical practice will include the following types of poses forward bends, backbends, side bends, inversions, and twists. You can create a balanced yoga practice with very little time. Start with an even breath and continue to flow with your breath through the following sequence:
Depending on your time you may want to repeat individual poses. You could repeat the first two (Cat - Cow and Child's Pose) or the first three/four once or twice before completing your practice with the remaining poses and Legs Up the Wall.

As always, honor your needs and modify to embrace your body's needs that day.