Sunday, April 8, 2018

More than a Warrior

Yoga reconnects me to my strength… in body & mind. When I step off the mat (or log 😉) I am more confident in how I share and engage with others. And because my yoga practice was an exercise of self-validation I don't need others to fill the holes within me. Their support becomes a gift not a requirement.

Our on the mat practice is what we make it to be. My approach in practice and teaching Holistic Yoga is to integrate and create balance in mind, body, and breath. When we balance all three we feel good, and are better for our community.

Issue in one area and another will suffer. Too much in your head and your body may feel disconnected and weak. Too focused on building physical strength may lead to buried emotions, anxiety, digestive distress, and dis-ease.

Holistic Yoga = Whole Being Wellness

I invite you to join me in a practice that clears the path for living well and being of good service to our communities. Check out my latest newsletter for ideas to practice at home and with me. Time on the mat is an investment that provides a quick return off the mat for you and those around you.

Lynn Marie Nelson

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