Thursday, September 29, 2011

Names & Noogies

One of the most endearing words a person will hear is their own name. You name does not carry with it expectations nor does it limit you. Your name is not a definition but an invitation to be authentically you.

I have been called many things most recently sweetie pie and buddy to several variations of my legal name... Lynny, Lynn, Nynny, Lynn Marie and Lynrd Skynrd -this one came with noogies. Many close to me have seen my face light up when I hear my full name - Lynn Marie. As I continue this journey, I invite all of you to use my birth name Lynn Marie.

In an effort to solve a few of my technological challenges, I am using a new email Please add this to your address book so that you may still receive my newsletters and any other communication. You may also find me on Google Talk - LynnMarie.Cunningham and Twitter LynnMarie_C.

As always, I have included many ideas for living and learning within this newsletter. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I hope to see you at a group class this October or for a private session.

May you be present to the beauty of change that surrounds

Words of Intention

Our lifestyle is made up of choices. From the food we eat to the words we use, they all have a rippling affect in our lives and those around us. The next challenge is to be intentional with the words you choose - spoken, written and thought. Take the following into consideration:
  • Be Positive
  • Choose To vs. Have To/Can't
  • Want To vs. Have To
  • Can vs. Can't
  • Choice vs. Should
  • Want vs. Don't Want
For example, I am allergic to dairy and gluten. You will rarely hear me say, "I can't have that." I would more likely say, "I choose not to eat that." Another example, I explained to Crystal (my dear friend) a challenge I was having at work. She observed the language I was using and found me consistently using "don't want." Bringing this to my attention, she encouraged me to identify and put my energy (thought and action) to what I DO want.

I challenge you to use your words - spoken, written and in thought - with intention for your greatest good and that of others.
Delicious Recipes
Maple Sunbutter Apple Dip (vegan)

Roasted Vegetable & Quinoa Salad

Zesty Black Bean Soup

Interesting Articles
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200 Key Sanskrit Yoga Terms - All in a name? But what if you don't understand? This glossary is a great resource to bookmark. Not only does it define language common to yoga, it links to valuable articles and other tools.

Yoga Demystified - The Six Big Ideas - Yoga philosophy is sublimely simple, profound, and livable. Yet it can be difficult to grasp because of its unfamiliar language and complex history. This article shares the depth our yoga practice strives to reach.