Friday, October 22, 2010

Meditation & More

My goal is to provide an opportunity for you and others to learn... to illuminate your path for life's journey. I provide several links in every email that I think you may find useful regardless of your location or ability to come to one of my classes regularly. I come to life with a beginner's mind; thirsty for knowledge. I only share the best of the best with you in these notes.

Speaking of the best... meditation can be done by anyone any where and any time. Meditation is the observance of life or being fully present to this moment in all its glory. It is truly that simple. Many of us already have a sort of meditation practice and may not even realize it.

There are many techniques to bring yourself to the present moment. No matter the technique or time you put into your meditation practice you WILL experience awesome benefits. Explore the links below or join me Monday to find inspiration and learn more.

Interesting Links

Your Brain On Meditation - Excellent article that share the benefits of meditation from a scientific perspective.

Meditation for Energy Conservation - Great meditation for the end of the day or when you feel scattered.

The Yoga of Eating: Holding the Edge - applies to more than just eating!

Worth the Time: Meditating When Our Plates Are Full - a little inspiration for you to make the time.

Friday, October 1, 2010

A Bit About Me

Please know that I am always open to questions about me or what I teach/share. Here's a little about me I though you might be interested to know...
  • I practice yoga everyday - on & off the mat. In addition to the classes I teach, I play with yoga n my own time. Sometimes my personal practice is minutes on a break from work or 20 minutes of play with my 4 year-old sister. Most times I make 30 minutes available for yoga before work and bed. 
  • I am committed to wellness. I choose foods & products that have used organic practices. I eat a whole foods diet. I strive for that beautiful work life balance. I retreat myself and use various stress relieving activities like journaling, therapy, meditation, yoga walks, fit walks, etc. 
  • I live what I teach. There is nothing I would suggest to another without trying it myself. With the exception of eating something I am allergic to. 
  • I approach life with a beginner's mind. I share from a place of learning. Attending workshops and reading various media are a few of my favorite pastimes. 
  • I am dedicated to personalization. I love helping individuals find their pose. A pose does not look the same on every person.
  • I teach at least one free class a month. Opportunity to practice yoga and meditation.
  • I have been facilitating retreats for over 10 years. I have created and participated in all different types of retreats. It is one of my favorite events to share.
  • I have been teaching in various disciplines for over 15 years. People learn n different ways. Some learn by feeling, seeing or hearing. Others may learn by reading or with explanations - the why. My goal is to share information in a way that all may learn rather than mimic.

Get Social

Give yourself a break and reach out to a friend. Write a letter (old school snail mail letter), call someone up for no reason, meet for tea, go for a walk together, or sit on the deck and enjoy the sunset. You can even send an old fashion telegram. Chat with the store clerk, reach out to a family member, visit someone in a nursing home, get involved in a community service project... the ideas are endless.

A friend is anyone you enjoy the present moment with. You need not know anything else about them or them about you. There are friends all around you... enjoy each other's company.

Connecting with others begins a healing spiral affect on you & those aroun dyou. This week I invite you to take the Illuminate Mini Challenge and get social.

Gratitude for You

I am filled with joy when I teach yoga and wellness. Thank you all for giving me an opportunity to share this gift. Often times during class, I realize the time to close is near and I wish I had another hour with you.

Illuminate You Yoga Retreat was no exception. The time truly flew by. It was awesome to share the beauty of Lake Ahquabi and peace of yoga with you ladies and gentleman.

Helping others is my passion. Yoga enables individuals to experience an immediate sense of healing or relief. It also invites practitioners to embrace their bodies with compassion.

Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your journey. It warms my heart to learn about your story. Perhaps you know somethings about me but I thought over the next couple newsletters I will share a little bit more. See below.

A mat is always ready for you. You are invited to connect with yourself and others in any of the October classes including a free meditation & intro to yoga workshop.

With a grateful heart

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