Friday, October 1, 2010

A Bit About Me

Please know that I am always open to questions about me or what I teach/share. Here's a little about me I though you might be interested to know...
  • I practice yoga everyday - on & off the mat. In addition to the classes I teach, I play with yoga n my own time. Sometimes my personal practice is minutes on a break from work or 20 minutes of play with my 4 year-old sister. Most times I make 30 minutes available for yoga before work and bed. 
  • I am committed to wellness. I choose foods & products that have used organic practices. I eat a whole foods diet. I strive for that beautiful work life balance. I retreat myself and use various stress relieving activities like journaling, therapy, meditation, yoga walks, fit walks, etc. 
  • I live what I teach. There is nothing I would suggest to another without trying it myself. With the exception of eating something I am allergic to. 
  • I approach life with a beginner's mind. I share from a place of learning. Attending workshops and reading various media are a few of my favorite pastimes. 
  • I am dedicated to personalization. I love helping individuals find their pose. A pose does not look the same on every person.
  • I teach at least one free class a month. Opportunity to practice yoga and meditation.
  • I have been facilitating retreats for over 10 years. I have created and participated in all different types of retreats. It is one of my favorite events to share.
  • I have been teaching in various disciplines for over 15 years. People learn n different ways. Some learn by feeling, seeing or hearing. Others may learn by reading or with explanations - the why. My goal is to share information in a way that all may learn rather than mimic.