Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Fresh Air Holistic Yoga

I adore the nature's beauty. It makes me feel so alive and frees me of my worries. This Saturday you're invited to join me as I'll be teaching the free 9am Saturday Yoga in the Park at Gray's Lake class.

BIGGER NEWS... over 600 people have giggled with me and the goats... selling out every class! This Sunday is the last Goat Yoga + Giggles class for the summer. It's sold out, but if you're dying to go... I'll be make a sweet little announcement on WHO Radio Saturday morning just after 10:30am.

One more thing... we'll be taking yoga off the mat for Hike + Yoga at Annett Nature Center & Brown's Woods.

So many ways to connect with your peace and free your body from tension. All class details are on my calendar . Don't forget... my classes are kept small so that you are able to create a healing and life giving practice. Sign up today to guarantee your spot.

May the warmth of this day envelope you in peace and joy!

Lynn Marie Nelson