Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Riverwalk Yoga

I'm happy to be sharing my "backyard" with you on a beautiful downtown Des Moines Yoga walk. I'll teach you how to practice yoga anywhere anytime with a walk by the river. Save your spot for one of these or another Yoga Walk today.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Yoga Off the Mat

No need to roll out your mat to loosen tension and get your zen on. This week we'll use our environment to explore tools and techniques to bring yoga's benefits into our everyday activities. You are welcome and will be given choices to personalize yoga to your body.
Did you notice? My announcement pictures are of the amazing views we have at our outdoor classes. Friday and next Thursday night's Yoga Walk features the beautiful bridge and river shown below.

May the light of day inspire you to share your light with others AND yourself.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Yoga by the Water

Mother Nature invites us to cultivate inner harmony as we practice in her beauty. Breath, movement, and mind unite as we practice holistic yoga by the water. The canopy will shade our bodies and create a dance of sunlight on the grass beside us. Our time together will leave you refreshed and inspired.

I hope to see you soon. No worries if it has been a while... you may always begin again. Registration required for most classes as I keep them small so that you get the attention you deserve.

Peace to You & Yours
Lynn Marie Nelson

Friday, June 9, 2017

One to Feel Better

I get it… time is hard to come by and when those sweet five minutes of freedom arrive you're left with your phone or tv and the scrolling begins. Is there a better choice that would leave you feeling refreshed and more present?

By making that better choice you are likely replacing a bad one. So pick ONE thing you want to do for yourself tomorrow. Just one. Then do it. Look ahead and schedule one thing into your week that will help you feel better.

PREVENTION happens one little choice at a time. We take care of ourselves now to prevent hardship later. [tweet this] My latest newsletter has a few ideas for you to try. Wellness is not one size fits all; so buzz me if you want to feel good more often. I'm here to help you.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Fresh Air Holistic Yoga

I adore nature's beauty. It makes me feel so alive and frees me of my worries. This week we'll explore yoga off the mat with hike through Brown's Woods and a walk downtown.

If you'd prefer a mat practice... I'm the volunteer instructor for the free 9am Saturday Yoga in the Park at Gray's Lake class. BIGGER NEWS... Attend my 5:30pm Tuesday night class you get 5:30pm Thursday class overlooking downtown skyline at no charge?

So many ways to connect with your peace and free your body from tension. All class details are on my calendar. Don't forget... my classes are kept small so that you are able to create a healing and life giving practice. Sign up today to guarantee your spot.

May the warmth of this day envelope you in peace and joy!

Lynn Marie Nelson