Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Opening Your Heart

Winter can lead to tightness in the chest & tension in the shoulders. Free your body & open your heart's center with the following:
  • In Tabletop Pose, standing or seated (in a chair or on the floor) inhale arch your back to Cow and exhale round your spine to Cat
  • Interlace fingers behind your back. Inhale to straighten the elbows, lift the head & chest. 
  • Roll your shoulders up & back. Leaving them back will open the chest and free the heart. Breathe & be mindful of any sensations.
  • Focus your mind on your Even Breath as you focus on the mantra 'Love is within.'
Taking a few minutes throughout the day to reconnect with your mind, body & spirit will provide you an opportunity to relax, refocus & be present.

Open Heart

It is only with the heart that we can see clearly. For what is essential, is hidden from the eyes.
                                                     -The Little Prince

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Open Heart - The Home of Compassion

I love the child's version of Valentine's Day - passing cards and treats to our friends and maybe even our crush. The cards are hand crafted with glitter, markers and cut outs; these notes are truly tokens of love & compassion. One takes time to put together such a gift. All is done simply to share our appreciation and love; you know the elementary style V-Day.

As I reflect on the joy this version of Valentine's Day brings me, I see an invitation to reconnect with our hearts. The home of love, compassion and a beat so strong it keeps us going even when times seem tough. Yoga invites us to connect with and open our hearts, which leads us to extend this heartfelt compassion to others.

Ron & I created Illuminate Yoga + Natural Solutions to share our compassion with others - with YOU. We believe yoga & natural approaches to health is a gift that can provide many opportunities for healing and wellness. It is with great joy that we look to celebrate with you. I encourage you to mark your calendars for the February 28 Yoga Celebration & Open House.

Join me this week to open & soften your heart's center. I value your friendship & look forward to sharing a treat with you this Saturday.

Enjoy Valentine's Day