Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Opening Your Heart

Winter can lead to tightness in the chest & tension in the shoulders. Free your body & open your heart's center with the following:
  • In Tabletop Pose, standing or seated (in a chair or on the floor) inhale arch your back to Cow and exhale round your spine to Cat
  • Interlace fingers behind your back. Inhale to straighten the elbows, lift the head & chest. 
  • Roll your shoulders up & back. Leaving them back will open the chest and free the heart. Breathe & be mindful of any sensations.
  • Focus your mind on your Even Breath as you focus on the mantra 'Love is within.'
Taking a few minutes throughout the day to reconnect with your mind, body & spirit will provide you an opportunity to relax, refocus & be present.