Sunday, September 23, 2018

In Harmony

Time to recalibrate?
Start with a nourishing breath ...

11 years ago I committed to radical self care that included all sorts of activities... Many of which were not mainstream (at the time). My pursuit of wellness came at the cost of lost "friends" & conflict with family...

I don't regret a single choice.

No longer held down by chronic pain & illness... Now I'm empowering others.

Today, I find myself able to handle enormous hardship without losing myself or my mind.
My vow to honor my needs no matter the time or place has led me to seize minutes (or breaths) whenever I can to reset to my intention of conscious, harmonious engagement with the electricity of life .
I understand time is scarce, as responsibilities and commitments are waying heavy...

Will you make a lil for yourself...
to be fueled [another breath]
so that you continue to love on your people
& honor your heart's commitments without losing yourself?

United by Breath,
Lynn Marie Nelson 

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Fresh Air Holistic Yoga

I adore the nature's beauty. It makes me feel so alive and frees me of my worries. This Saturday you're invited to join me as I'll be teaching the free 9am Saturday Yoga in the Park at Gray's Lake class.

BIGGER NEWS... over 600 people have giggled with me and the goats... selling out every class! This Sunday is the last Goat Yoga + Giggles class for the summer. It's sold out, but if you're dying to go... I'll be make a sweet little announcement on WHO Radio Saturday morning just after 10:30am.

One more thing... we'll be taking yoga off the mat for Hike + Yoga at Annett Nature Center & Brown's Woods.

So many ways to connect with your peace and free your body from tension. All class details are on my calendar . Don't forget... my classes are kept small so that you are able to create a healing and life giving practice. Sign up today to guarantee your spot.

May the warmth of this day envelope you in peace and joy!

Lynn Marie Nelson

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Tickles My Funny Bone

The idea came my way, I didn't say yes... and to my surprise I couldn't say no. It's outside my comfort zone and not like anything I've ever taught, but in a way, exactly what I was looking for this summer.

Share Laughter & Play with Yoga

It stayed with me all afternoon, and with every reminder I smiled. The joy it gave me took me by surprise... and sure enough my yes has led to more smiles.

So my friends, I welcome you to join the fun at Goat Yoga + Giggles... think Laughter Yoga in the Park meets Baby Miniature Goat Petting Zoo. This anything goes class is sure to provide happy distractions from worry, and tickle your funny bone. (With 10 classes to choose from, the Facebook event has inspired 60 people to sign up.)

Laugh at or laugh with... I figure both are a joy-filled moment.

Peace begins with a smile.

Lynn Marie Nelson

Check Out the details of Goat Yoga + Giggles

Sunday, April 8, 2018

More than a Warrior

Yoga reconnects me to my strength… in body & mind. When I step off the mat (or log 😉) I am more confident in how I share and engage with others. And because my yoga practice was an exercise of self-validation I don't need others to fill the holes within me. Their support becomes a gift not a requirement.

Our on the mat practice is what we make it to be. My approach in practice and teaching Holistic Yoga is to integrate and create balance in mind, body, and breath. When we balance all three we feel good, and are better for our community.

Issue in one area and another will suffer. Too much in your head and your body may feel disconnected and weak. Too focused on building physical strength may lead to buried emotions, anxiety, digestive distress, and dis-ease.

Holistic Yoga = Whole Being Wellness

I invite you to join me in a practice that clears the path for living well and being of good service to our communities. Check out my latest newsletter for ideas to practice at home and with me. Time on the mat is an investment that provides a quick return off the mat for you and those around you.

Lynn Marie Nelson

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Friday, March 9, 2018

This One Burns

That moment when something has to give. You know it's here, because the fire in your heart builds igniting your passion to change.

Once the smoke clears… and it will clear… new life appears.

My alarm… the crippling pain in my belly. It lit the fire under my butt that began my transformative pursuit of better health.

This spring I celebrate my ten year anniversary of making better choices and being holistically well. I am a better person, because of how I journeyed through the fire.

What alarm is signaling your time to change?

Check out my latest newsletter. It has your invitation to see spring flowers, view my pastime as Burn Boss as well as essential oil blends to thrive in the heat of life.

Remember your inner fire, a beacon for happiness, never dulls.

Lynn Marie Nelson

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Yoga Adapts to You

A few years ago, I had two surgeries on my dominate hand, and found myself exploring yoga in a whole new way.

Off the mat, I was challenged to slow down and mindfully approach my activities. I was thankful for my breath practice as it helped me stay patient with myself.

On the mat, I was able to embrace a full spectrum practice while still honoring my needs and recommendations from my surgeon.

Yoga isn't one-size-fits-all. It can AND should be adapted to suit your body and current needs. Size, strength, injury, illness, and flexibility are factors we embrace in our holistic practice.

Just because one part of you needs adaptations doesn't mean the rest of your body must wait. As well as giving options in class, I'm happy to talk with you after class about how to adapt poses for your unique needs.

You deserve a life giving practice that supports your healing and honors your needs.

Shine Through

Lynn Marie Nelson

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Life Worth Breathing

The words took my breath away. Life carries on, but the sting finds me in every quiet moment. The stillness seemed to electrify my pain.

Breathe. I heard my heart say.

At first I ignored... but my heart persisted. Breathe.

I continued on. It whispered again. Breathe. Don't run. Don't busy yourself. Just breathe.

I sat... I cried... I breathed. Repairing my wounds with each nourishing breath. Time and time again.

Bruised by life's Beauty... healed with breath. HOW we walk life's path makes the difference between contentment with what is or shrinking with bitterness. Happily human or angry victim of life... our choice.

Together we practice. My latest newsletter has a few ideas for us to connect as well as recipes for an herbal hot toddy and refreshing essential oil blend. Community amplifies our connection to the electricity of life deepening grace's gifts in our journey.

Let's Breathe Together

Lynn Marie Nelson

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