Saturday, May 5, 2018

Tickles My Funny Bone

The idea came my way, I didn't say yes... and to my surprise I couldn't say no. It's outside my comfort zone and not like anything I've ever taught, but in a way, exactly what I was looking for this summer.

Share Laughter & Play with Yoga

It stayed with me all afternoon, and with every reminder I smiled. The joy it gave me took me by surprise... and sure enough my yes has led to more smiles.

So my friends, I welcome you to join the fun at Goat Yoga + Giggles... think Laughter Yoga in the Park meets Baby Miniature Goat Petting Zoo. This anything goes class is sure to provide happy distractions from worry, and tickle your funny bone. (With 10 classes to choose from, the Facebook event has inspired 60 people to sign up.)

Laugh at or laugh with... I figure both are a joy-filled moment.

Peace begins with a smile.

Lynn Marie Nelson

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