Sunday, August 20, 2017

Did You Hear?

I was surprised by the sadness I experienced after an acquaintance passed away. With only a few encounters, her friendship left a lasting impression by the kind words she extended.

Brief but supportive interactions = heart moved and touched by grace. This reflection fuels my commitment to share and inspire you to champion yourself and others as I challenge myself to do the same.

I LOVE that we practice yoga together honoring our unique needs without the pressure to push or conform... We are beautifully different and so is our practice. My latest newsletter has a few ideas for you to connect to your innate goodness.

With gratitude and love, I hope you find many reasons to share good words today. Don't forget to hear the ones you receive. And if you need a few good words... let me know.

Friday, July 28, 2017

The Brass Pitcher

"What's this for?" my three-old niece asks while holding up a tiny brass pitcher. On my entry table nestled by our coin jug and a picture of a stream running through the Maquoketa caves, it's a reminder of the abundant flow of love, energy, support and money. How am I to explain that to my eager to know 3 & 5 year old nieces?

Turns out the brass pitcher holds fairy dust. When we leave my home, we sprinkle fairy dust on our bodies with the intention to fill ourselves with love so that we are ready to share our love, smiles and thanks yous with everyone we meet. For two years, we've shared this ritual and although the words change, the intention is the same… We fill ourselves so that we are ready to give to others. [tweet this]

Iowa Cub puts on a fabulous display of fireworks that we enjoy from our deck and living room. After a wonderful afternoon of playing and firework show, we sprinkled the fairy dust all over us, and agreed to share our smiles like pretty fireworks to all we meet. Now 5 years old, Madison says, "There's always more than enough."

After hearing no too many times to count… no more ice cream… no more time on the drum… no more coloring… no more picking on your brother… no, no, no… she still had the mindset of abundance. "There's always more than enough."

Was she talking about smiles, love, thank yous, or joy? I don't know. Whatever it was, she was exactly right.

The next day I bathed in her words when the noise in my head wanted me to believe I wasn't appreciated or loved enough. Her words, our ritual, reminded me... There's always more than enough. [tweet this]

I’m convinced the tiny ones know life's secrets. We just have to listen. No… not now… you can't do that… that's not right. Ugh… it's not just little kids that hear these words. They come at us from our boss, colleagues, significant other, and friends. Even worse these messages hit from all sides not just from the people in front of us. Our media feeds, articles, inner dialogue and email gather a plethora messages that can leave us feeling less than, not good enough, and rejected.

It's my hope that our holistic practices together… yoga, conscious breathing, meditation, hikes, discussions, healthy eating, Reiki, sound baths… fill us so that we may be of good service to our community. [tweet this]

May we know when and how to refresh our vessel. 
May we give from our always overflowing pitcher of love.

Lynn Marie Nelson

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Yoga with a View

Live music, skyline view... and free... do I really need to say more? Hope to see you on the mat under the Brenton Sating Plaza Canopy or on the trail at Lake Ahquabi. By the way, I have 2 spots open for tonight's (July 11) refreshing yoga practice featuring Christopher Raven playing live. See you soon!

Grateful for Your Beautiful Light in Our Community!
Lynn Marie Nelson

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Home of the Brave

The call comes and the words bounce in our heads... the unthinkable becomes our next challenge. Feeling hopeless, rejected or unappreciated... we continue not knowing what should come next next. Facing our fear... we breathe... we engage and learn.

Hot mess? Stuck? Actually we are moving forward. Our bravery is found in the moments of solitude when we choose to look through our neighbor's eyes... when we comfort ourselves without validation from another... when we take a break... rest and listen... when we dare to take the next step.

We are BRAVE. 

Life happens... How do we deal and continue on? The choices... wallow in drama or reframe our story... get buried in defeat or begin again... limit ourselves or find joy on our path.

Our practice fills our bag with tools to make the path less difficult. Yoga helps us live well. We practice on the mat so that when we step off we're at ease in our bodies, connected to peace, and prepared to engage in life.

Perfectly Imperfect...We share our light with the world.

Whether we step on a trail, ride a bike, swim, run or unroll our mat... we connect with the peace and bravery within. Together we continue the path with grace.

I hope to see your beautiful, brave soul soon.

Lynn Marie Nelson

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Riverwalk Yoga

I'm happy to be sharing my "backyard" with you on a beautiful downtown Des Moines Yoga walk. I'll teach you how to practice yoga anywhere anytime with a walk by the river. Save your spot for one of these or another Yoga Walk today.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Yoga Off the Mat

No need to roll out your mat to loosen tension and get your zen on. This week we'll use our environment to explore tools and techniques to bring yoga's benefits into our everyday activities. You are welcome and will be given choices to personalize yoga to your body.
Did you notice? My announcement pictures are of the amazing views we have at our outdoor classes. Friday and next Thursday night's Yoga Walk features the beautiful bridge and river shown below.

May the light of day inspire you to share your light with others AND yourself.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Yoga by the Water

Mother Nature invites us to cultivate inner harmony as we practice in her beauty. Breath, movement, and mind unite as we practice holistic yoga by the water. The canopy will shade our bodies and create a dance of sunlight on the grass beside us. Our time together will leave you refreshed and inspired.

I hope to see you soon. No worries if it has been a while... you may always begin again. Registration required for most classes as I keep them small so that you get the attention you deserve.

Peace to You & Yours
Lynn Marie Nelson

Friday, June 9, 2017

One to Feel Better

I get it… time is hard to come by and when those sweet five minutes of freedom arrive you're left with your phone or tv and the scrolling begins. Is there a better choice that would leave you feeling refreshed and more present?

By making that better choice you are likely replacing a bad one. So pick ONE thing you want to do for yourself tomorrow. Just one. Then do it. Look ahead and schedule one thing into your week that will help you feel better.

PREVENTION happens one little choice at a time. We take care of ourselves now to prevent hardship later. [tweet this] My latest newsletter has a few ideas for you to try. Wellness is not one size fits all; so buzz me if you want to feel good more often. I'm here to help you.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Fresh Air Holistic Yoga

I adore nature's beauty. It makes me feel so alive and frees me of my worries. This week we'll explore yoga off the mat with hike through Brown's Woods and a walk downtown.

If you'd prefer a mat practice... I'm the volunteer instructor for the free 9am Saturday Yoga in the Park at Gray's Lake class. BIGGER NEWS... Attend my 5:30pm Tuesday night class you get 5:30pm Thursday class overlooking downtown skyline at no charge?

So many ways to connect with your peace and free your body from tension. All class details are on my calendar. Don't forget... my classes are kept small so that you are able to create a healing and life giving practice. Sign up today to guarantee your spot.

May the warmth of this day envelope you in peace and joy!

Lynn Marie Nelson

Friday, May 26, 2017

Alive Not Just Living

Go to that moment where you felt alive. Maybe it comes after a run, great conversation, sex, workout or meditation. Mentally take yourself to that experience. Feel the energy of life pulsating through your body. That electric sensation courses through your body, makes you feel alive, and fully in body.

Can you still feel it now after the activity has long past? It's inevitable that burst of energy into our system eventually slows. To be alive and not just living is to ride that electric pulse as it calms to a purr. I love exploring mindfulness and presence, but their path to trendiness has dulled their buzz. So when I read Mark Nepo's words, "When one with what we see, hear, and feel, we enter the secret kingdom of aliveness that is only secret when we remain separate," I was sparked.*

As I play with the ideas of presence, mindfulness, and aliveness, I've come to believe that they're all on the same team but have slightly different responsibilities. To be alive is to be intimately connected to the electricity of life, fully in the moment, and thoughtfully engaged. [tweet this] We are alive when we embrace our experience in all its glory without stifling the energetic purr. Caving into the temptation to numb a bad feeling cuts off our energetic connection to life and the good feelings too. We don't know happiness without sadness or excitement without boredom.

What amplifies the pulse of life within can ignite our drive to stay connected. It is how we respond to life after that that makes the difference in feeling alive and not just living through the tasks of life. I practice and teach others to dive into sensation of mind, body, and breath and respond with compassion. We train our awareness on the mat/cushion/trail/etc. so that when we step off we're intimately connected to the buzz of life within and empowered to make better choices. In practice and when we take the techniques into our day, we are alive and enjoying the Beauty of life.

Lynn Marie Nelson

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Cursing the Yoga Teacher

Have you ever cursed the yoga teacher under your breath? No, I can't read your mind. I'm a student too and I've been there in class hanging out in Warrior II for what seems like forever. Or there was that time laying on my back listening to my monkey mind play when I should be deeply relaxingAs a student I get it… as a teacher I get it too, and trust me the teacher didn't take a nap or plan dinner while you were stranded in that challenging or boring position.

Those moments are opportunities to practice responding with PEACE. We practice our response to discomfort when on the mat so that we make the choice of PEACE off the mat. I'm not just saying this to stop the, I hate this pose looks. Rather I hope to open your eyes to how your practice enables you to live well off the mat.

Life's got ups and downs, let's explore techniques to navigate the bumpy path relaxed and at ease in our bodies.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

In the Woods We Return

Sunshine, green grass, flowers... Nature's beauty inspires our connection to peace and joy. Hiking allows me to explore and feel my world. Climbing the hill my heart pounds and energizes my whole body. My mind stimulated by the sounds, sights, and scents. No hike is ever the same.

A walk calms our nerves, clears our head, and brings fresh ideas. Forest bathing amplifies these benefits for all who journey through trees.

In the woods we return to our authentic self. Our mind, body, and breath unites, and our whole being is balanced. Take your practice outside with a Hike & Yoga practice or a Yoga Walk by the River. 

Practice on your own by trying the tension releasing exercise Progressive Muscular Relaxation. Get tips to try anywhere anytime from my Facebook page, and make it a first to see in your feed.
I hope to illuminate your path for life's adventure.
Lynn Marie Nelson

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sweet Treat

The most life giving natural resource lives within you and the reservoir never runs dry. Cultivated by the many sweet treats of life. Breath, tears, hugs, and intentions to name a few. The resource… your inner well of love.

Sharing a compliment, high five, or smile reminds our neighbor that LOVING KINDNESS is real and their well is already full. Think about it.. gratitude creates abundance. The more we recognize our gifts or see goodness in others, the more blessed we feel.

As you sweetly treat another, create balance by filling your bucket from your well of love. Giving and receiving are just like inhaling and exhaling; both are identically important.

Waves of Love to You

Lynn Marie Nelson

Friday, January 27, 2017

Community Light: Let's Illuminate Another's Day

You make a difference to all you meet even if the encounter is brief. Our collective efforts unite to shine a brighter light into our world. [Tweet This] This week has reminded me of that and the importance of community.

A couple new students shared their gratitude for creating a non-intimidating environment to explore movement in their body. My classes tend to be filled with young, old, men, women, all sizes, tight and flexible bodies. ALL of which are able to practice with each other AND make it appropriate for their bodies. (The affirmations from students that this is occurring is deeply appreciated.) I may lead, but this class atmosphere is truly created by the community of students that gather.

My inspiration fueled by this moment caught on camera from my sold out retreat Sunday. We went around the candlelit circle and shared how we were nourished by the day's activities and how we saw light in each other. The good words flowed across ages and friendships. The day led to new relationships and a renewed commitment to being good to self and others.

All of this builds my excitement to be facilitating another Books & Yoga series. I will have 8 people meet in my home this Sunday to kick it off with a lil mingling and snacking. [You know how important food is to me ] These individuals are looking forward to being in conversations with others about being our best selves and meeting life's challenges with grace. [I have two spots open. If you'd like to join this mini retreat I'd love to have you. More info here: ]

To my final thought... people do experience a low in the winter. The cold and reduced sunshine don't help, but COMMUNITY does. We've seen the videos and posts on social media that a smile, good words, a random act of kindness and a listening ear help our neighbors. Let's be the light and illuminate another's day. [Tweet This]

May we find ways to build our communities, to take care of each other, and encourage the gifts we have to be cultivated and shared.

Always a Yogi,
Lynn Marie

Friday, January 13, 2017

Free Yourself from Tension & Find Peace in Your Body

"Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be." Wayne Dyer's thoughts remind me that by setting down our attachments to expectations and interpretations, we find peace. What if we approached today with the mindset that everyone is doing their best? We may meet ignorance, stupidity, complacency or disrespect... Then we may choose to look at the situation assuming each individual is doing their best with what they have & know. Can you imagine the reduction of internal frustration that can come from giving others the benefit of the doubt?

Drama and big deals are often created with our interpretation of events or conversations. We cannot change the actions or opinions of others, but we can change our internal processing which frees us from suffering (drama) and empowers us to be compassionate & authentic in our response.

Our meditation, mindfulness & yoga practices help retrain our mind so that we meet our day as our best selves... At peace. Through Lifestyle Coaching and Mindful & Intentional Thought Transformation, I further support you (near & far via FaceTime) in living well and comfortable in your skin. I am honored to walk with you on your journey and hope to see you again soon.

May we be free from limiting thoughts.
May we be open to new perspectives.
May our eyes see the good in all situations.
May we be free.

Always a Yogi,
Lynn Marie

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Befriend the Monsters of Self Doubt

Have you heard them? They creep in when you least expect it and take residence in your head. At first they whisper, telling you that other people are smarter and more accomplished than you. They grow louder as you look at social media reminding you that you're not unique. They like to tell you stories about how everyone has it figured out and your life is a mess.

You can't see them, but you can feel their presence. They feast on fear and insecurity. They influence your mind and lead you to believe the people around you are your competition. They convince you that the only way to survive is to flee (give up) or fight (defend or put-down). These are the Monsters of Self-Doubt.

A couple of nights ago, I caught a couple. They found a guest room within me. I was feeding them with screen-fulls of posts, videos, pictures… and they were loving life. I, however, was exhausted from their visit.

It dawned on me that I let them in and catered to their every beck and call. I chose what was in my feed and inbox. I chose the frequency I viewed updates and I chose how I processed the information I saw and heard. So I decided that's it. THAT'S IT. The monsters had to go. I told them their stay was over. Their room is being demolished and I'm renovating from the inside out.

My first notice of eviction was to starve those SOBs. Groom my feed to be more enjoyable, inspirational and less self-defeating. Create a list of those to check in on, but not follow consistently. Then adjust my behavior to use my downtime for more productive, relaxing or life giving activities such as deep breathing, reading, gentle movements… you get the idea.

I knew that starving them wouldn't be enough. Tending to the needs of my mind, body and spirit creates an undesirable home for those pesky monsters. With attention to what grounds me and asserts my innate goodness, I have found a little goes a long way. An intentional morning ritual creates a mindset that is supportive of me and my interaction with the world. The activities and length of time may vary, but the attention to balancing my whole being is consistent.

I’m convinced these monsters don't have control. Our strength lies in our whole being self-care practices. [Tweet This] By incorporating conscious attention to the present moment, without judgement or attachment, we catch them before they drive our actions, narratives, and relationships. Befriending the Monsters of Self-Doubt leads us to empathy, compassion, and forgiveness. [Tweet This]

What feeds your Monsters of Self-Doubt?
Do you need to make some changes to starve them?
What do you do to balance your being?
Having played with your own monsters of self-doubt, how can you express compassion for others?

Here's an intention to support... I am balanced in mind, body, and spirit.