Friday, January 27, 2017

Community Light: Let's Illuminate Another's Day

You make a difference to all you meet even if the encounter is brief. Our collective efforts unite to shine a brighter light into our world. [Tweet This] This week has reminded me of that and the importance of community.

A couple new students shared their gratitude for creating a non-intimidating environment to explore movement in their body. My classes tend to be filled with young, old, men, women, all sizes, tight and flexible bodies. ALL of which are able to practice with each other AND make it appropriate for their bodies. (The affirmations from students that this is occurring is deeply appreciated.) I may lead, but this class atmosphere is truly created by the community of students that gather.

My inspiration fueled by this moment caught on camera from my sold out retreat Sunday. We went around the candlelit circle and shared how we were nourished by the day's activities and how we saw light in each other. The good words flowed across ages and friendships. The day led to new relationships and a renewed commitment to being good to self and others.

All of this builds my excitement to be facilitating another Books & Yoga series. I will have 8 people meet in my home this Sunday to kick it off with a lil mingling and snacking. [You know how important food is to me ] These individuals are looking forward to being in conversations with others about being our best selves and meeting life's challenges with grace. [I have two spots open. If you'd like to join this mini retreat I'd love to have you. More info here: ]

To my final thought... people do experience a low in the winter. The cold and reduced sunshine don't help, but COMMUNITY does. We've seen the videos and posts on social media that a smile, good words, a random act of kindness and a listening ear help our neighbors. Let's be the light and illuminate another's day. [Tweet This]

May we find ways to build our communities, to take care of each other, and encourage the gifts we have to be cultivated and shared.

Always a Yogi,
Lynn Marie