Sunday, September 23, 2018

In Harmony

Time to recalibrate?
Start with a nourishing breath ...

11 years ago I committed to radical self care that included all sorts of activities... Many of which were not mainstream (at the time). My pursuit of wellness came at the cost of lost "friends" & conflict with family...

I don't regret a single choice.

No longer held down by chronic pain & illness... Now I'm empowering others.

Today, I find myself able to handle enormous hardship without losing myself or my mind.
My vow to honor my needs no matter the time or place has led me to seize minutes (or breaths) whenever I can to reset to my intention of conscious, harmonious engagement with the electricity of life .
I understand time is scarce, as responsibilities and commitments are waying heavy...

Will you make a lil for yourself...
to be fueled [another breath]
so that you continue to love on your people
& honor your heart's commitments without losing yourself?

United by Breath,
Lynn Marie 

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