Saturday, January 27, 2018

Yoga Adapts to You

A few years ago, I had two surgeries on my dominate hand, and found myself exploring yoga in a whole new way.

Off the mat, I was challenged to slow down and mindfully approach my activities. I was thankful for my breath practice as it helped me stay patient with myself.

On the mat, I was able to embrace a full spectrum practice while still honoring my needs and recommendations from my surgeon.

Yoga isn't one-size-fits-all. It can AND should be adapted to suit your body and current needs. Size, strength, injury, illness, and flexibility are factors we embrace in our holistic practice.

Just because one part of you needs adaptations doesn't mean the rest of your body must wait. As well as giving options in class, I'm happy to talk with you after class about how to adapt poses for your unique needs.

You deserve a life giving practice that supports your healing and honors your needs.

Shine Through

Lynn Marie Nelson

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Life Worth Breathing

The words took my breath away. Life carries on, but the sting finds me in every quiet moment. The stillness seemed to electrify my pain.

Breathe. I heard my heart say.

At first I ignored... but my heart persisted. Breathe.

I continued on. It whispered again. Breathe. Don't run. Don't busy yourself. Just breathe.

I sat... I cried... I breathed. Repairing my wounds with each nourishing breath. Time and time again.

Bruised by life's Beauty... healed with breath. HOW we walk life's path makes the difference between contentment with what is or shrinking with bitterness. Happily human or angry victim of life... our choice.

Together we practice. My latest newsletter has a few ideas for us to connect as well as recipes for an herbal hot toddy and refreshing essential oil blend. Community amplifies our connection to the electricity of life deepening grace's gifts in our journey.

Let's Breathe Together

Lynn Marie Nelson

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