Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Life Worth Breathing

The words took my breath away. Life carries on, but the sting finds me in every quiet moment. The stillness seemed to electrify my pain.

Breathe. I heard my heart say.

At first I ignored... but my heart persisted. Breathe.

I continued on. It whispered again. Breathe. Don't run. Don't busy yourself. Just breathe.

I sat... I cried... I breathed. Repairing my wounds with each nourishing breath. Time and time again.

Bruised by life's Beauty... healed with breath. HOW we walk life's path makes the difference between contentment with what is or shrinking with bitterness. Happily human or angry victim of life... our choice.

Together we practice. My latest newsletter has a few ideas for us to connect as well as recipes for an herbal hot toddy and refreshing essential oil blend. Community amplifies our connection to the electricity of life deepening grace's gifts in our journey.

Let's Breathe Together

Lynn Marie Nelson

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