Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wishes & Dreams

My morning routine consists of skimming my morning e-newsletters to find inspiration and insight.  This morning I came across an article about a new social networking platform "My Last Wish".  It's not the social networking aspect that drew me in but the concept - share your hopes and dreams with others so that you may find support and take ownership of your dream.

I've been exploring this idea for a lil while and will share more in a future newsletter.  But for now I share top of mind wishes... dreams...
  • Write a book... or a few.  
  • Engage an audience in conversations about my books.
  • Teach yoga with an organization that embraces holistic wellness and offers services as well as products that meet my high standards.
  • Be the Owner of that organization.
Hmmmmm...... Now in print... wishes no more... they have become intentions.

What are your wishes and dreams?

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Kiss of Rain

Which is easier to answer...
  • What did you do today?  
  • What didn't you get done?
I find myself on to the next before fully appreciating what I have accomplished.   I am always aware of the things I have yet to get to.  Today I hear my words from class, "You choose your focus."  Perhaps it is time I give some focus to what I have done and spend less time beating myself up over what I haven't.

On a recent hike in the rain, my friend captured this photo of the water dancing on the tree buds.  A sign of spring that will pass very quickly and the drops to dry just as fast.  This was at the very end of our journey into the woods.  We were just 100 feet from the truck.  Had we had our focus on the next destination, we would have missed this beautiful gift Mother Nature shared.

Entrenched in the demands of work, family and other activities, are we so busy looking ahead that we miss what is right in front of us?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Changing Email Services

Hello My Friends... I am changing email services for the distribution of my blog posts.  No worries; I have done all the work.  Your next update will be sent from my email address and definitely look a lil prettier.  If you are subscribed by an RSS feed, you will continue to receive posts as you always have.  Let me know if you have any questions.  If you would like to receive updates by email please subscribe to the Always a Yogi List here.  Feel free to pass along!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Super Moon

The moon does not shine light all its own but reflects that of a star.  A star so bright it creates day.  The moon so subtle we find peace at night.  Yin and yang.  Masculine Feminine.  Soft Strong.  Cool Hot.  A spectrum to play with to find our balance.

Saturday's Super Moon rose from the horizon casting its (?) light through the wisps of clouds creating a vibrant orange haze. This big circle with energy all it owns lit up the night sky hiding outshining the stars.  Several factors aligned to create the Super Moon Saturday night.  All of which could have gone unnoticed.  The fact remains the Super Moon reflected another's light.

I have taken note of others I surround myself with.  Do they enhance my light?  Do I theirs?  Do they snuff mine or instigate a reaction in me that extinguishes my own?  What light do I reflect?  How?

With these thoughts in mind I adjust how and what I give my time - my energy to.  Knowing there is a balance of yin and yang - give and receive, I choose to spend my days giving and receiving light than hiding or extinguishing.

On a side note, I see light as your spirit or divine essence.  Your light is not the definitions, hats or roles you take or actions you make.  Your being is your light.  Your light is your true self.

The divine light in me honors the divine light in  you... Namaste.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bridge to the Present

Suspension Bridge at Zo El Annett Woods
Last week I decided to enjoy the weather by exploring new territory.  In my efforts to find two new-to-me county parks, I became frustrated.  All I wanted was to get there.  I felt my time was limited and got caught in the mindset that to release my stress from the workday I needed to BE in those parks as soon as I could.  When really what I needed was to BE present.  It took me going over the same plot of road three times and not even making it to the second park before I realized I was disconnected from the moment.

The irony in my evening was presented with the 6 bridges I encountered.  From the rickety one-lane bridge I drove across to find Zo El Annett Woods to the 4 bridges in the park then the bridge that was closed detouring my trip to Otter Creek.  The final closed bridge brought me to the moment.

The unexpected end to my travels was at the Hickory Hills mounds.  As I walked down the sun soaked ridge, the mounds begged me to reflect..

  • What pulls me out of the present - in small and big ways?
  • How do I come back?
  • What am I feeling right now... emotionally... physically... mentally?
  • Where are the bridges in my life?  Are they open or closed?
  • Are there any bridges I need to repair?
I encourage you to take a deep breath... be here.  Another deep breath... feel, see, hear... savor this moment.  Living in the present connects us with the peace that lives within.  Although we may stray, it is always there awaiting our return.