Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wishes & Dreams

My morning routine consists of skimming my morning e-newsletters to find inspiration and insight.  This morning I came across an article about a new social networking platform "My Last Wish".  It's not the social networking aspect that drew me in but the concept - share your hopes and dreams with others so that you may find support and take ownership of your dream.

I've been exploring this idea for a lil while and will share more in a future newsletter.  But for now I share top of mind wishes... dreams...
  • Write a book... or a few.  
  • Engage an audience in conversations about my books.
  • Teach yoga with an organization that embraces holistic wellness and offers services as well as products that meet my high standards.
  • Be the Owner of that organization.
Hmmmmm...... Now in print... wishes no more... they have become intentions.

What are your wishes and dreams?