Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bridge to the Present

Suspension Bridge at Zo El Annett Woods
Last week I decided to enjoy the weather by exploring new territory.  In my efforts to find two new-to-me county parks, I became frustrated.  All I wanted was to get there.  I felt my time was limited and got caught in the mindset that to release my stress from the workday I needed to BE in those parks as soon as I could.  When really what I needed was to BE present.  It took me going over the same plot of road three times and not even making it to the second park before I realized I was disconnected from the moment.

The irony in my evening was presented with the 6 bridges I encountered.  From the rickety one-lane bridge I drove across to find Zo El Annett Woods to the 4 bridges in the park then the bridge that was closed detouring my trip to Otter Creek.  The final closed bridge brought me to the moment.

The unexpected end to my travels was at the Hickory Hills mounds.  As I walked down the sun soaked ridge, the mounds begged me to reflect..

  • What pulls me out of the present - in small and big ways?
  • How do I come back?
  • What am I feeling right now... emotionally... physically... mentally?
  • Where are the bridges in my life?  Are they open or closed?
  • Are there any bridges I need to repair?
I encourage you to take a deep breath... be here.  Another deep breath... feel, see, hear... savor this moment.  Living in the present connects us with the peace that lives within.  Although we may stray, it is always there awaiting our return.