Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mindfully Choose

Will you choose to smell the flowers or walk past?
We make choices everyday... hundreds upon thousands of them.  Most of which we attribute to the "have to" or "should do" category.  Regardless of the reasoning, it is a choice we make to say or do whatever we may be saying or doing.  Mindfulness is a practicing of living in the moment present to your thoughts, emotions, needs and the current factors affecting all.  I invite you to bring mindfulness to your choices by being aware that you do in fact have a choice as to what you are doing and thinking.  So often we just do without thought or attention to the why and whether it is absolutely necessary at that time or even if it serves a higher good.

As you practice mindfulness in your choices today, ask yourself ‘Can I make a better choice?’  This question helps me to commit to a healthy balanced lifestyle.  I find no benefit in feeling guilty about the past or being swept away with an overwhelming feeling of the future.  I am present or mindful of each choice at hand without concerning myself with the choices of next week or month.  

I have resigned the need for a perfect solution or choice.  Instead working towards the better choice looking at my current options, I identify the best choice fully knowing that in slightly different circumstances (another moment) it may not be the best choice at hand.  In addition to releasing the need for perfection, I have chosen to not put off my attention to choice.  I have found that if I put off my better choice off until ‘life slows down’ those good choices may never get made and my wellness and vitality would not improve.  

Let each day be an opportunity for you to be your best self.  I encourage you to reestablish your control in making life giving choices for yourself.