Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Time to Retreat

I am super excited to share my upcoming retreats with you.  With opportunities to practice yoga, meditate and enjoy the company of fellow yogis I hope you will join me.  All are welcome from the experienced to the newbie.  You know how I teach... offering various modifications with attention to your needs.

A retreat will give you some much needed "YOU TIME." A little break from work, the to dos and relationship demands... time to relax and reconnect with your spirit, body and mind.

I will be facilitating two retreats (Ignite the Spark Within June 24 and Free to Flow September 16) just south of Indianola at beautiful county parks featuring breathtaking landscapes and Indian Mounds.  These retreats are a lil bit shorter than last summer's and the schedule to include the sharing of a beautiful meal.  Check out the specifics for Illuminate You or register today.

In less than a month, I will teach a class Sunday afternoon at the Yoga Nature Retreat at Honey Creek Resort that will also feature yoga, outdoor activities and other healing arts like Tai Chi and Reiki.  I had a conference call last week and was surprised to hear that this first time retreat has over 80 participants registered.  This resort is nestled in beautiful southern Iowa and features exquisite views of Rathbun Lake.  If you can't make it to the retreat, I highly recommend you check it out especially the beautiful hiking trial through the prairie.

Retreat Details:

Yoga Nature Retreat May 18-20 at Honey Creek Resort

Ignite the Spark Within June 24 at Hickory Hills

Free to Flow September 16 at Annett Nature Center