Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Honoring My Spirit & Recognizing Ego

Blue Bells
Exploring Nine Eagles State Park, Slip Bluff, Lake Red Rock, Pammel Park, and Lake Ahquabi, I have indulged my passion of hiking.  With open eyes and heart, I see and feel the world.  A world filled with beauty; every turn a new vibrant color.  My eyes feast upon the landscape decorated with hues of spring.  The greens come alive with the rain.  The brown trunks contrast the new life bursting  from its branches.  On the hillside at Hickory Hills, blue bells swing in the wind as if to ring in joy that I am on the right path.

The right path...  I wonder does that exist?  Who decides what is right?  I turn inward, the color of my soul casting light on my question.  My inner voice - my spirit decides what is right.  Oh the ego grins at this idea, but I know which is me and that which is ego.

Lake Ahquabi Trail
With mindfulness I tap into the voice within... the tone and language point me to the source.  My ego is selfish, greedy, judgmental, afraid, pessimistic, harsh, fake, unwilling or abrasive.  My spirit's voice is loving, happy, positive, subtle, kind, genuine, open, at ease and peaceful.

In this moment I ask myself... and you... How do I connect with my spirit?  Am I listening?  Careful to tune into my inner voice and not another's voice, I continue the journey following my spirit's lead.