Friday, May 26, 2017

Alive Not Just Living

Go to that moment where you felt alive. Maybe it comes after a run, great conversation, sex, workout or meditation. Mentally take yourself to that experience. Feel the energy of life pulsating through your body. That electric sensation courses through your body, makes you feel alive, and fully in body.

Can you still feel it now after the activity has long past? It's inevitable that burst of energy into our system eventually slows. To be alive and not just living is to ride that electric pulse as it calms to a purr. I love exploring mindfulness and presence, but their path to trendiness has dulled their buzz. So when I read Mark Nepo's words, "When one with what we see, hear, and feel, we enter the secret kingdom of aliveness that is only secret when we remain separate," I was sparked.*

As I play with the ideas of presence, mindfulness, and aliveness, I've come to believe that they're all on the same team but have slightly different responsibilities. To be alive is to be intimately connected to the electricity of life, fully in the moment, and thoughtfully engaged. [tweet this] We are alive when we embrace our experience in all its glory without stifling the energetic purr. Caving into the temptation to numb a bad feeling cuts off our energetic connection to life and the good feelings too. We don't know happiness without sadness or excitement without boredom.

What amplifies the pulse of life within can ignite our drive to stay connected. It is how we respond to life after that that makes the difference in feeling alive and not just living through the tasks of life. I practice and teach others to dive into sensation of mind, body, and breath and respond with compassion. We train our awareness on the mat/cushion/trail/etc. so that when we step off we're intimately connected to the buzz of life within and empowered to make better choices. In practice and when we take the techniques into our day, we are alive and enjoying the Beauty of life.

Lynn Marie Nelson