Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Cursing the Yoga Teacher

Have you ever cursed the yoga teacher under your breath? No, I can't read your mind. I'm a student too and I've been there in class hanging out in Warrior II for what seems like forever. Or there was that time laying on my back listening to my monkey mind play when I should be deeply relaxingAs a student I get it… as a teacher I get it too, and trust me the teacher didn't take a nap or plan dinner while you were stranded in that challenging or boring position.

Those moments are opportunities to practice responding with PEACE. We practice our response to discomfort when on the mat so that we make the choice of PEACE off the mat. I'm not just saying this to stop the, I hate this pose looks. Rather I hope to open your eyes to how your practice enables you to live well off the mat.

Life's got ups and downs, let's explore techniques to navigate the bumpy path relaxed and at ease in our bodies.