Saturday, April 22, 2017

In the Woods We Return

Sunshine, green grass, flowers... Nature's beauty inspires our connection to peace and joy. Hiking allows me to explore and feel my world. Climbing the hill my heart pounds and energizes my whole body. My mind stimulated by the sounds, sights, and scents. No hike is ever the same.

A walk calms our nerves, clears our head, and brings fresh ideas. Forest bathing amplifies these benefits for all who journey through trees.

In the woods we return to our authentic self. Our mind, body, and breath unites, and our whole being is balanced. Take your practice outside with a Hike & Yoga practice or a Yoga Walk by the River. 

Practice on your own by trying the tension releasing exercise Progressive Muscular Relaxation. Get tips to try anywhere anytime from my Facebook page, and make it a first to see in your feed.
I hope to illuminate your path for life's adventure.
Lynn Marie Nelson