Friday, May 11, 2012

A Kiss of Rain

Which is easier to answer...
  • What did you do today?  
  • What didn't you get done?
I find myself on to the next before fully appreciating what I have accomplished.   I am always aware of the things I have yet to get to.  Today I hear my words from class, "You choose your focus."  Perhaps it is time I give some focus to what I have done and spend less time beating myself up over what I haven't.

On a recent hike in the rain, my friend captured this photo of the water dancing on the tree buds.  A sign of spring that will pass very quickly and the drops to dry just as fast.  This was at the very end of our journey into the woods.  We were just 100 feet from the truck.  Had we had our focus on the next destination, we would have missed this beautiful gift Mother Nature shared.

Entrenched in the demands of work, family and other activities, are we so busy looking ahead that we miss what is right in front of us?