Saturday, July 8, 2017

Home of the Brave

The call comes and the words bounce in our heads... the unthinkable becomes our next challenge. Feeling hopeless, rejected or unappreciated... we continue not knowing what should come next next. Facing our fear... we breathe... we engage and learn.

Hot mess? Stuck? Actually we are moving forward. Our bravery is found in the moments of solitude when we choose to look through our neighbor's eyes... when we comfort ourselves without validation from another... when we take a break... rest and listen... when we dare to take the next step.

We are BRAVE. 

Life happens... How do we deal and continue on? The choices... wallow in drama or reframe our story... get buried in defeat or begin again... limit ourselves or find joy on our path.

Our practice fills our bag with tools to make the path less difficult. Yoga helps us live well. We practice on the mat so that when we step off we're at ease in our bodies, connected to peace, and prepared to engage in life.

Perfectly Imperfect...We share our light with the world.

Whether we step on a trail, ride a bike, swim, run or unroll our mat... we connect with the peace and bravery within. Together we continue the path with grace.

I hope to see your beautiful, brave soul soon.

Lynn Marie Nelson