Friday, July 28, 2017

The Brass Pitcher

"What's this for?" my three-old niece asks while holding up a tiny brass pitcher. On my entry table nestled by our coin jug and a picture of a stream running through the Maquoketa caves, it's a reminder of the abundant flow of love, energy, support and money. How am I to explain that to my eager to know 3 & 5 year old nieces?

Turns out the brass pitcher holds fairy dust. When we leave my home, we sprinkle fairy dust on our bodies with the intention to fill ourselves with love so that we are ready to share our love, smiles and thanks yous with everyone we meet. For two years, we've shared this ritual and although the words change, the intention is the same… We fill ourselves so that we are ready to give to others. [tweet this]

Iowa Cub puts on a fabulous display of fireworks that we enjoy from our deck and living room. After a wonderful afternoon of playing and firework show, we sprinkled the fairy dust all over us, and agreed to share our smiles like pretty fireworks to all we meet. Now 5 years old, Madison says, "There's always more than enough."

After hearing no too many times to count… no more ice cream… no more time on the drum… no more coloring… no more picking on your brother… no, no, no… she still had the mindset of abundance. "There's always more than enough."

Was she talking about smiles, love, thank yous, or joy? I don't know. Whatever it was, she was exactly right.

The next day I bathed in her words when the noise in my head wanted me to believe I wasn't appreciated or loved enough. Her words, our ritual, reminded me... There's always more than enough. [tweet this]

I’m convinced the tiny ones know life's secrets. We just have to listen. No… not now… you can't do that… that's not right. Ugh… it's not just little kids that hear these words. They come at us from our boss, colleagues, significant other, and friends. Even worse these messages hit from all sides not just from the people in front of us. Our media feeds, articles, inner dialogue and email gather a plethora messages that can leave us feeling less than, not good enough, and rejected.

It's my hope that our holistic practices together… yoga, conscious breathing, meditation, hikes, discussions, healthy eating, Reiki, sound baths… fill us so that we may be of good service to our community. [tweet this]

May we know when and how to refresh our vessel. 
May we give from our always overflowing pitcher of love.

Lynn Marie Nelson