Thursday, September 29, 2011

Names & Noogies

One of the most endearing words a person will hear is their own name. You name does not carry with it expectations nor does it limit you. Your name is not a definition but an invitation to be authentically you.

I have been called many things most recently sweetie pie and buddy to several variations of my legal name... Lynny, Lynn, Nynny, Lynn Marie and Lynrd Skynrd -this one came with noogies. Many close to me have seen my face light up when I hear my full name - Lynn Marie. As I continue this journey, I invite all of you to use my birth name Lynn Marie.

In an effort to solve a few of my technological challenges, I am using a new email Please add this to your address book so that you may still receive my newsletters and any other communication. You may also find me on Google Talk - LynnMarie.Cunningham and Twitter LynnMarie_C.

As always, I have included many ideas for living and learning within this newsletter. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I hope to see you at a group class this October or for a private session.

May you be present to the beauty of change that surrounds