Thursday, September 29, 2011

Words of Intention

Our lifestyle is made up of choices. From the food we eat to the words we use, they all have a rippling affect in our lives and those around us. The next challenge is to be intentional with the words you choose - spoken, written and thought. Take the following into consideration:
  • Be Positive
  • Choose To vs. Have To/Can't
  • Want To vs. Have To
  • Can vs. Can't
  • Choice vs. Should
  • Want vs. Don't Want
For example, I am allergic to dairy and gluten. You will rarely hear me say, "I can't have that." I would more likely say, "I choose not to eat that." Another example, I explained to Crystal (my dear friend) a challenge I was having at work. She observed the language I was using and found me consistently using "don't want." Bringing this to my attention, she encouraged me to identify and put my energy (thought and action) to what I DO want.

I challenge you to use your words - spoken, written and in thought - with intention for your greatest good and that of others.