Thursday, July 21, 2011

Smoke & Mirrors

A couple things before I share the smokes & mirrors... First, I am super excited to be teaching 300+ yogis at Yoga in the Park this Saturday and would love to see you (& introduce you to my almost 5 yr old sister - a yoga teacher in her own rights)!

Next, I had to laugh when I checked the statistics of one of my newsletters... the link you all clicked the most... Morning Mojitos. I'm guessing many of you were surprised (and maybe disappointed) to see no alcohol in the recipe. Well this time I raise a glass and share a Red Sangria recipe I think you will enjoy. Cheers!

All too often I hear about the need for flexibility in order to "do yoga". When really the smoke and mirrors of yoga is the balance between strength and softness. I know you have seen that gal doing an incredible pose ... and with a smile. What you don't see is the muscle power behind the pose. I see it everyday in my classes and on my own mat, strength opens the door to flexibility... never the other way around. What still amazes me is the surprise and shock I see in you when you complete an action that seemed so impossible. You have the strength and therefore the ability to do so much more than you can even imagine! I believe in you!

Remember I said it is with a balance of strength and softness we practice yoga. If we over contract our muscles or bring unnecessary tension into the body, we end up holding ourselves back. We become rigid. Can you see how the lesson extends off the mat?

I have encountered several major life challenges the past 18 months and have taken the opportunity to explore this balance of strength and softness. You may have seen the strength and at times you may have witnessed the softer side. Whatever you have seen, I want you to know that you undoubtedly have shared with me wisdom, love and friendship. The many gifts you have shared fuel me to journey with grace. It is with a soft heart that I extend my gratitude to you.