Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Day After

What has surprised me in today's conversations was the "day after" theme.  September 11 has left an imprint in our lives as do all tragedies, heartbreaks or major life challenges.  Until today, I had not thought about the "day after" these momentous occasions.  What do we do to pick up the pieces?  How do we find peace despite the chaos?  Where do we go?  How do we move forward?  The questions and what ifs are endless.

My practice prepares me for the "day after."  As a holistic yoga practitioner, my practice is not just of asana or physical poses but that of breath, meditation and ritual.  My yoga practice seeks to establish balance of mind, body & spirit as well as the emotional, chemical and structural elements of my being.

It is on my mat that I seek refuge and find quiet.  My yoga practice connects me to myself, the community and the Divine.  On my mat I am fearless, strong, empowered with choice, brave and courageous.  My practice helps me remember that off my mat I am all of those things.  My practice is in the everyday activities on and off that magic carpet.  So the "day after" I remain fearless, strong, empowered with choice, brave and courageous.

My business' tagline is, "To illuminate your path for life's adventure."  My intention is to teach you tips and tricks to enable you to practice on and off the mat today and the "day after".  May you find inspiration in my written and spoken words.  May you be supported by your practice.  May this day by a reminder to be present... after all it is a gift.