Friday, February 1, 2013

A Sweet Gift

Yes, YOU are the sweet gift. It is you who shares a smile so bright it lights up the room. Just by being you, a sweet gift is given to others - one of love, happiness and peace.

Your inner beauty inspires me to share more ideas to balance and connect with your brilliant being. I want you to know how valuable you are... not because you "did" anything... but because you are you. I am truly honored that in your times of joy, stress and celebration you choose to practice with me. I enjoy being welcomed into your holiday, wedding and family gatherings and maybe even more so into your every day.

I want to give you opportunities for rest and relaxation. Let me take over the plans of food and weather. Let me give you an afternoon to connect with your spirit. Perhaps it is time for you to give to yourself or suggest to another (for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, graduation, or ...) that you would like a retreat. Perhaps a retreat is just what you need to nourish your body and soul.  I have completely changed the "structure" of my Illuminate You Yoga Retreats and will be posting the details for the 2013 opportunities soon.

Those useful suggestions, intentions and links you have come to appreciate are always streaming in my social media outlets as well as my blog Always a Yogi. As always let me know if you have any questions. I hope to see you soon... remember a mat is always open to you no matter how long it has been or your current physical/experience level.