Monday, July 15, 2013

Fuel Level

The other day my car let me know its fuel level was low.  I began to wonder...
  • What are the signs my fuel level is low?
  • What happens if I ignore them?
  • What do I do to refuel, recharge and restore myself?
For my car, the first flash of this warning means 48 miles to empty and the second less than 30.  I go to the gas station before it reaches zero and there is no problem.  If I ignore the the signals from my car, it's toast.

My body and emotions warn me with sugar cravings, lethargy, irritability, aches, extra emotional responses, lack of patience, pains, etc.  Of course, I can blame these things on a number of things like stress from work, family or lack of sleep; however, blame does not fix my low fuel level.  Instead I turn to my yoga practice, music, book, or a friend.  Oftentimes a walk outside lifts my spirit and calms my nerves; however, when time or location do not allow I use my mind's eye and within a few deep breaths I'm there.

What will you do today to recharge?  Will you take a couple deep breaths right now?