Friday, May 1, 2015

Start Fresh

With our next breath we can start fresh. There's no need to wait for a new day or chapter in your life. Inhale... take in the beauty of this moment. Exhale... release what is weighing you down. Sometimes it's not easy to do in a breath; however, our yoga provides many breaths of opportunity to practice taking in the beauty and releasing what no longer serves.

I encourage you to cleanse yourself of your mistakes and limiting beliefs. There's no need to dwell in the past or cause more pain with words and actions. Forgive and make the best choice right now for you and those near you.

I find with a regular holistic yoga practice I am a better person, friend and lover. Yoga empowers me to reconnect with the present moment. I hope to share these and the many other gifts at a class this summer.

You know I am passionate about helping others. With this energy, I teach a holistic yoga class at a new location downtown Des Moines every week (I call it Guerilla Yoga DM) and volunteer to teach several free outdoor yoga classes. I would love to share the serenity of yoga outside with you this summer.