Monday, June 22, 2015

Grass Hill by Court Avenue Bridge - June 23

View from the Mat
On my evening walks in the city, I'm looking for the next #GuerillaYogaDM view.  I've been wanting to share this one for a while as it is unassummingly beautiful.

Join me 5:30pm tomorrow night (June 22) for a refreshing holistic yoga practice by the Des Moines River.  We'll lay our mats on the lush grass facing the Union Railway Bridge noted below in red.  From this spot, our ears will delight in the sound of the flowing river.      

The Google map below references 100 East Court Avenue Des Moines.  Metered street parking (noted below in yellow) is available on and near the Court Avenue Bridge.  From the East side of the river, you'll walk toward the flood gate across from the Des Moines Police Station at the corner of the Court Avenue Bridge and 1st Street.  I'll leave my phone (515-979-6474) on until 5:25pm should you have any questions or need additional directions.