Friday, September 2, 2016

Rise Up

On my walk to yoga class, I saw a yellow flower reaching for the sky. There was a shift inside me as I thought about rising up. Rising up isn't about being above or being the best. It's about standing tall and being confident in who we are. Rising up is about being our best.

Forgiving ourselves for making mistakes and recognizing the lesson it shares. It's having faith in the goodness of ourselves and the goodness of others. Rising up is taking the time to see the beauty that is around us. Sometimes the goodness and beauty seems hidden, but it's there. With a friend, book or other inspiration, treasures may be discovered with a little attention, objectivity, and reflection… aka presence.
Rise up.
Rise up to eliminate negative self talk.
Rise up and get out of the gossip.
Rise up to see a different perspective.
Rise up to loosen the grip of the past.
Rise up to welcome sweet new beginnings.
Rise up to make choices that support.
Rise up to see the beauty of life in all its ups and downs.
Rise up to lift others.
Rise up.
Add "I" to the front of those statements and you've got an intention to support you in being your best today.

I rise up and hope you will join me.

Always a Yogi,

Lynn Marie