Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tricks for Meditation

In yoga we observe the sensations of the body & thoughts of the mind without attaching to any of them. If we notice we are in that circular thought pattern, then we acknowledge the thought and let it go. Sometimes it's not so easy to 'let go'. Here are some tricks we can use:
  • Blow it out like a lit candle
  • Write it down
  • Use your breath & a mantra: such us breathing in relax the mind; breathing out release the thought/task/idea
  • Hold your palm out and place the nagging thought in your hand. Make a fist and hold the fist & idea tight. Then open your hand releasing control of the idea.
Don't forget that as we observe we neither judge or censor. Relieve some stress & relax by taking some time to observe the items of the mind, body & spirit - letting them pass just as easily as they came in. This is meditation.