Thursday, June 10, 2010

Affects of Chemicals

We have been hearing about the affects of chemicals around us for some time. This information can be overwhelming. A question I hear: How do we avoid chemicals when so much is outside our control? As many of you know my approach to wellness is one that advocates Better Choices.

Start by looking at what you put IN your body. Looking at the ingredients in your food, is it chemical? When you recognize ALL of the ingredients as food, you know you are one step closer to feeding your body what it needs to be vital. All those colorful vegetables are nutrient rich and disease fighting ingredients your body craves.

Then look at what you put ON your body. I highly recommend you use the Environmental Working Group's website Skin Deep Cosmetic Database to evaluate the chemicals' affects on your body.

Take it one step or product at a time. I am happy to help you identify simple solutions that fit your lifestyle. In a wellness coaching session, we can identify a step by step plan of action for you to reduce your chemical exposure and find better health.

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