Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love & Be Loved

At the wise age of four and a half, my little sister, Olivia tells me "Nynny, feel my heart." In the midst of a rowdy game of charades, I placed my hand on her tiny chest. Not only could I feel the beat of her heart, I could feel love radiating from her little body.

Living so fully in the present moment, she reminds me to connect with my heart and not to lose sight of others sharing love with me. What truly amazes me is her willingness to open her heart to share and receive love.

It is with love that I share my excitement about my next Yoga Retreat offerings. Mark your calendars for June 26 and September 18. Each retreat will give you an opportunity unite your mind, body and spirit. I am also available to organize private group or individual retreats.

This month is saturated with ideas on how to express love. I invite you to connect with your heart to find the way most suitable to you. And don't forget to allow love in.

with an open heart