Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Uncomplicate Wellness

I am dedicated to helping others and uncomplicating wellness. You CAN feel good and look good too! I believe in holistic approaches to health and am passionate about personalizing methods based on your needs. We can always find a time to get together in person or over the phone to brainstorm solutions for your life or wellness challenges.

One of the best programs I am apart of is Illuminate Challenge. Every person participates looking for different benefits, and they all complete the program with their various needs met. It truly meets you where you are.

This weekend I am finishing my third session and am happy to announce I will be offering this program in Des Moines starting March 13 at The Family Tree. I would love to work with you, your friends or family members to help you achieve your wellness goals.

As always I am available to arrange a private Illuminate Challenge or other activity (retreat, yoga, etc.). Please contact me to discuss your opportunities.

Don't forget to RSVP if you plan to attend this evening's sound meditation. Meditation is at 7pm Wednesday, February 16; RSVP by 6pm with a call, text or email.

You are empowered by choice... on and off the mat.