Friday, August 10, 2012

Ketchup Monsters & the City

Ketchup Monsters & Me 
Imagine this… You’re downtown Des Moines sitting on a fifth story deck as cars hustle by in their morning commute. Every once in a while a screech of tires is heard and dogs bark as their owners quickly tend to their pets’ needs before work. Is this a good place for meditation?

For me… Yes. In meditation we seek to find peace and stillness amid the chaos. I find that we resist our meditation or yoga practice because we don’t have the perfect setting. When any place will truly do.

I mean really, when do you need to be able to tap into that peaceful breath most? It’s when I’m sensing a conflict, uncomfortable conversation or my emotions heat up. I need it when the kiddies are bouncing off the Jason’s Deli booth and ketchup is flying while my sister just laughs at me and my new Heinz stains.

Today my morning meditation was on that fifth story deck. Knowing that a majority of my day would be spent in front of two computer monitors, I took my practice outside to soak in the morning sun and fresh air. To my surprise, the distractions of the city inspired my practice. I found that deep state of peace despite the seemingly, unsettling atmosphere.

You’ve heard me say it… “You choose your focus.” I could have focused on the dogs or the cars and sirens therefore, giving them my peace. Instead, I focused on my breath. I turned my gaze inward allowing the “stuff” to fade. It was still there and I was aware of it but I didn’t lose myself to it. With this continued practice, I hope to keep my cool and not (over)react but choose my response the next time my feelings escalate or the ketchup flies.

May you be embraced by peace wherever you are.