Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shine Through

The light in your heart is ever burning.  Nothing can snuff it out.

You may be disappointed by people's actions.
You are loved.  Shine Through.

Relationships change; they may even end.
Your heart is whole.  Shine Through.

It may feel like you're climbing uphill and the top is nowhere in sight.
You're moving towards your goal.  Shine Through.

Your commitments may make you feel overextended.
You have choice.  Shine Through.

The bills may mount and expenses unending.
You are safe & secure.  Shine Through.

Your body may hurt and the pain unceasing.
You are healing.  Shine Through.

The thoughts of your mind may bring you down.
You can change them.  Shine Through.

The challenges you face may feel like unmovable walls.
You can climb over.  Shine Through.

Shine through my dear friend.
Shine Through.