Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Good Words

You know those comments that build you up and inspire you to be your best self.  I call them Good Words.  From compliments to quotes to affirmations to prayers to notes about beautiful memories, we can find Good Words all around us.

My heart warms with thoughts of a wedding reception I attended last year.  The reception began with guests sharing Good Words with the newlyweds.  Fifteen or so individuals stood and extended gratitude, memories, and support from the heart.  All in the room beamed with joy and agreement.

I believe there is a strong power of Good Words. The language we surround ourselves can heal, share love, express peace and so much more. Words are energy. When we choose Good Words we are also choosing not to add negativity to our space.  Good Words heal and shift attitudes.  There's that saying, "People will forget what you said but not how you made them feel."  Good Words show others and ourselves, we care and believe in the good within.

I bet you already know this... a compliment never expires.  I've caught myself with a positive comment that I didn't share right away and the opportunity seems to have past.  Then I remind myself, "it's never too late to share Good Words."  Giving Good Words has a way of lifting my spirit as well as the recipient.

I treasure the Good Words I receive.  Really... I treasure them.  I have a couple email folders appropriately named A Beautiful Note, Gratitude, Happy, etc.  My sweater chest houses letters and cards I've received over the years.  I even email beautiful text messages to myself so that I may savor those sweet words.  There are times I find myself in need of Good Words and those times can be inconvenient to request from a friend or family member.  This is when I pull those Good Words out.

Who can you share Good Words with today?  What if you shared your good thoughts with your spouse, child, store clerk, colleague, friend or stranger?  What Good Words can you share with yourself?

As a Pinterest fanatic, I of course have a Pinterest board with Good Words.  Let it be a treasure you can refer to when you need a pick me up, motivation, reminder of your goodness, or support.  One last thought resides in this article from Intent Blog; it shares a beautiful example of Good Words shared.

May your voice be strong as you extend support to others.
May your ears be open to hear the Good Words shared with you.
May your heart be open to receive the goodness.