Sunday, February 16, 2014

Shared Breath

From my dear friend, I see the text, "Breathe with me." It's how we extend the comfort of a hug over the miles that separate. The request may come in an effort to be with her or that she is with me during a time of need or celebration. Our shared breath unites us.

I begin yoga classes and workshops with shared breath creating an opportunity for all to embrace the present moment and to support one another energetically.  Pranayama or breath control exercises have been found to be effective in reducing irritability, muscle tension, headaches, poor concentration, stress and fatigue.  Why is it in our most challenging moments we find our breath is held?  This healing gift suppressed by our own doing.

I invite you to breathe with me.  Right now, right here... join me in breath.  Now deeper... let's breathe together. In... out... in.... out... our breath flows.  Breath unites us and brings us more fully in the present.  In its simplest of definitions, yoga means to unite.

As my friend reminds me to breath, I am refreshed and feel supported.  I invite you to enjoy your breath today.  May it nourish you from the inside out.

A little inspiration may be found on my Pinterest Board Breathe as you play with the beauty of your breath.