Friday, April 25, 2014

Introducing Guerilla Yoga

Guerilla Yoga is about having fun and enjoying life in the moment.  It showcases holistic yoga benefits in unconventional and approachable ways.  The unconventional happens in the way we practice as well as the location we find ourselves in.  I find that immersing in my surroundings with all of my senses I am more able to soften the activity of my mind.  The city of Des Moines is filled with beauty from the architecture of buildings and bridges to the rivers reflecting sunlight.

Views from the Guerilla Yoga Mat
You know my style... I bring the yoga to you.  All Guerilla Yoga is accessible to bodies of all types and experiences.  Each week I'll announce a new spot filled with beautiful views of downtown Des Moines.  Subscribe to my Guerilla Yoga feed to get the details directly in your inbox or visit

With my recent move to Des Moines, I have found myself in awe of the picturesque views and am excited to share with you.  Guerilla Yoga will be held Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm through the summer beginning May 1.  I'll announce the location earlier that week... you may catch hints on social media Twitter @LynnMarie_C or on Facebook.

There is a suggested donation of $5 that can be paid by cash or check.  Please bring a yoga mat or towel to practice on... and any other props you find helpful to support your practice.

Guerilla Yoga... fun... accessible... and unconventional.