Friday, December 30, 2016

Magical Quality of Belief

Times of transition… weekends, new job, new year, new moon, new day… are great catalysts for reflection and sparks ideas for intentional living. As popular media floods my feed with the demand to review my goals and set resolutions, I find myself looking through the window to my beliefs instead.

My wood carving of the word BELIEVE comes out with each holiday season. There's a sweetness to the word BELIEVE and a sort of innocence to the idea. As kids we believe in Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and other mystical creatures. Does the magical quality of belief get lost as we age?

As adults believing seems to be attributed mostly to religion and spirituality, but there's more to it. Beliefs form our mindset… the foundation of thoughts and our inclination in how we interpret and interact with our world. To believe is to trust in more than meets the eye. It's an unconditional faith that when tested overcomes the challenge of doubt and pebbles of evidence to the contrary.

With a cup of tea and the rising sun, I pondered my beliefs and challenged myself to dive into those that hold me back. I believe in…
     -The Power of our Minds
     -My Voice
     -Love, Healing and Forgiveness
     -Pursuing Ideas, Dreams and Adventures
     -Letting Go
     -Our Ability to Change
     -Our Innate Ability to Heal, Love, and Serve
     -Me and You
     -The Beauty of Life's Ups and Downs
Examining my limiting beliefs, I find the thoughts that cloud my vision…
     -I am not enough. I don't do ___ right. I will never be as good as ____. 
     -I am not valued. No one appreciates what I do. 
Do you recognize these in yourself? Are they true? I looked for proof and of course I found material for both sides… *sigh*

Well you know the adage, "You're your own worst critic." So I stepped farther back from the belief and stories, I saw that I was being hard on myself and not allowing the good to be seen.

Here lies the magic in our beliefs as adults. We can change our thoughts to shift our mindset and emotions. We replace limiting beliefs with intentions
  • I am not enough. Becomes I am gifted. I share my charisms regardless of others' actions and inaction. 
  • I am not valued. Becomes I am abundantly blessed with life giving relationships. I value and appreciate my being and my doing. 
By practicing these new thoughts, we retrain our brains to support and positively influence our perceptions. This work helps my clients and I find stability in chaotic situations and illuminates paths for change and growth. Intentional Thought Transformation is one step to changing behavior, but a pivotal one for sustainable change to your wellness.

What do you BELIEVE? Is there something holding you back? How will your mindset influence the pursuit of your goals?

Over the years, I have personally used and taught several holistic techniques to transform mindsets. It would be an honor to support you in your journey to Whole Being Wellness.