Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Hike Within

Hiking gives me the opportunity to observe. On the map, the path appears to be the same but the trail is always changing. I take in the sounds, colors, textures and life that surround me. Immersed in nature's beauty, I find myself in meditation. Not only aware of my outer surroundings but what lies within.

This December invited me to a deeper reflection. My marriage was coming to a respectful end presenting the opportunity for transformation and exploration. As with winter, my divorce was a death of sorts. In the midst of my relationship ending, I chose to release what was holding me back. I let go of limiting beliefs and emotional baggage, giving myself the independence and freedom to be and to do. My hikes - my meditation - became a time for me to explore what I want in life.

As I journeyed outside, I set the intention of opening to the possibilities. With the echo of leaves crunching underfoot, every step forward meant a step away. I no longer had to be or do. Any restrictions on me had been self-imposed. It was time I walked away from those leaving them on the trail. In an effort to let go, I affirmed myself – I am strong and capable. Courage is within me.

The path takes me up and down at each curve a new question. What am I holding back? What am I being called to? How do I share my light with the world?

Standing in the timber, the world so still, I realized it was not just the trees that had become dormant. My gifts, more so my charisms, were hidden by the branches and shadows of disbelief and limiting thoughts. "That's it!" I felt my spirit exclaim. The brisk winter wind swept away the burden of what to do and my spirit took over. I feel strongly that charisms, divinely given and inspired talents, are meant to be expressed with grace and love. How could I have strayed from this? My spirit guides me back to the path; I must walk a little farther. What are my charisms?

Unaware of the hill, my heart beats with more vigor. I am energized to connect with my charisms. I am an empathic teacher and expressive writer. I connect with others with ease and long to help others identify and connect with their potential. As I write this I am exploring the many ways I can express my charisms from blogging, to teaching yoga and wellness. The possibilities are endless; the path always changing. Moving forward my intention is to be a good steward of my charisms.

The trail beckons throughout the year; the call to go outside truly invites me in. With love in my heart, I seek to explore the ever changing path.