Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Divorce... Apologies Not Needed

I am divorcing my husband of five years.  My marriage was wonderful in so many ways.  For me, divorce meant failure.  I have not failed and neither did my relationship.  A once life-giving relationship has come to a respectful end.  This part of my journey has redefined divorce.  Divorce now means a closing, ending and a death of sorts.

A relationship, my relationship has concluded presenting the opportunity for transformation and exploration - new life, rebirth, space and freedom.  This divorce... my divorce is a release of all that has held me back.  I let go of limiting beliefs and emotional baggage, giving myself the independence and freedom to explore, to be and to do.

In life, we experience an ebb and flow - life, death and rebirth.  I have mourned this loss, the death of my marriage.  I choose to honor the present moment.  I am embracing the beauty that surrounds me everyday and exploring new depths of love and friendship.  I flow with the current of life... surf the waves of joy and endure those of sorrow.  I am Always a Yogi and will continue to play with the balance in my life.

With my divorce, I take back my name - Lynn Marie Cunningham, initials LMC.  (There is no coincidence that my name has "ham" in it.)  When I share I am in the midst of a divorce, it is inevitable the first thing said is, "I'm sorry".  This is said even after I share my joy with my current situation.  I am grateful for the undying support of my friends, family and teachers, but when we talk next, don't apologize for my going through a divorce.  Feel free to acknowledge my situation; but please remember apologies not needed.  I am well and enjoying the journey of life.