Sunday, January 22, 2012

True Beauty

What is your response to the comment, "You look beautiful"?  Do you shake your head or say something like "Me... today... no way."?  Guilty of this myself, I wonder why so many of us overlook our own true beauty.  Perhaps the answer can be found in our photoshop-ed vision of others or the illusion of what true beauty is.

Beauty lies within as well as in what you see in the mirror.  From the sparkle in your eyes to the glow in your smile, your beauty cannot be disguised.  It always shines through (even on those couch potato days).  Oh and the beauty within you radiates with the gifts you share with those around you from the listening ear, thoughtful thank you or yummy meal you prepared.

Over the past few years, I have worked to change my response to one of gratitude and thanksgiving instead of deflection or negativity.  Recently, I have found the need to step up confidence in my own beauty with the intention:  I am a beautiful expression of the divine.  This statement is one of humble recognition for the person I am inside and out.  An intention to express gratitude and acceptance for what God has graciously given me.

I invite you to join me in honoring our true beauty.  When you look in the mirror, see your beautiful eyes and the glow of your smile.  Acknowledge the value you bring to our community.  Maybe at the next yoga class choose your intention to be I am a beautiful expression of the divine.